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Serbian word rakija comes from the ancient Indian word arak or rak and indicates an alcoholic beverage.

When Serbians say let’s "serve the rakija," they are referring to the brandy. We hope that Serbia will return the name and reputation of its slivovitz and return it to the place where it was once: side by side with sophisticated French cognac and malt whiskey.

Rakija is served in the joyful times, and in times of grief. It is used in traditional medicine as a remedy.

Each host in Serbia has always had rakija for his own purposes, for friends, celebrations, and if need, for sale. In the past rakija was, and still is now a kind of security in troubled times, when money loses its value, when banks fail - it is the kind of "golden reserve" because as time gets on it quality increases.

Domestic Brandy Sumadija

Topola with its environment is the well known region for the production of various kinds of fruits and beverages. Oplenac hill that stands above Topola is the place of many foundations of the Serbian royal dynasty of Karađorđević. At the top of the hill there is also a beautiful church mausoleum with mosaic decoration made of the copies of the most beautiful frescoes of the Serbian medieval monasteries strongly influenced by Byzantine style.

Before the Second World War rakija and wine from Oplenac were served in many royal courts of Europe, and the balls often begun and ended with kolo, a traditional Serbian folk dance.

The rakija manufacturers from the region inherited the secrets of the production of good rakija from their ancestors. We will also transfer these secrets to the next generation.

Alembics for rakija producing are whispering secrets of production from generation to generation.

The experts gave their opinion about the characteristics of our valiant rakija, and we invite you to taste it and, as our esteemed customer, to recommend it to your friends and acquaintances.

About aromas and flavors it is not worth discussing, and orally advertising as we know is the best.
Our brandy of fruit
quince, plum, pear and apricot
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